Project Status - Phase I complete !

  1. *UPDATE: January 24, 2010: Last week we placed an order for our first batch of DSTAR interface PCB’s. We have decided to go with a stand-alone desktop unit that will work with any TNC-compatible transceiver, will connect to a PC via USB (optional) and will be a true dual-mode (analog and DSTAR DV) interface. Furthermore, The unit will have all that’s required to act as a mixed-mode repeater controller using conventional repeaters / radios.

PLUS me and Felix KJ4RHR passed our EXTRA exam on saturday... EME here we come !

  1. *December 14, 2009: AMBE Vocoder now decoding 100% ! we now get full data and perfect audio on D-STAR receive mode. It’s time to setup the system for 4FSK... MOTOTRBO WORK TOMORROW !

* December 13, 2009: Fixed the GMSK Modem ! apparently the use of a buffer opamp at the inputs is critical for proper operation. Now we need to polish the AMBE Vocoder handling.... stay tuned.  

* December 10,2009: Purchased a UHF XPR8300 repeater and a XPR4550 Mobile on eBay... should be here next week.

I would like to use this forum and ask for a donation / loan equipment for the project:

1. Duplexer for 70cm  - DONATED / LOANED BY MIKE, WB6WUI - THANK YOU !!!

2. suitable 70cm antenna and mast + hardware

3. Tower Location and rack space in Boca Raton, FL or 10 mile radius.

4. Anything else you think I may need for this project

* December 8, 2009: D-Star decoding almost complete... fighting with 3 missing frames... see pics below !

* December 6, 2009: D-Star headers decoded

* December 5, 2009: programmable GMSK modem set up, receiving valid bitstream

* December 2, 2009: UPS came in with a bunch of goodies: 3 ICOM DSTAR radios, AMBE dev kit, Modem dev kit

* November 29, 2009: MOTOTRBO collection grew to XPR6550 (UHF), 4 x XPR6500 (UHF), DGP6150 (Latin America VHF XPR)